Wine Country -- Jan.29.2000

My mom came into town this weekend. It was her birthday! (She's 27.) Her and Aunt Mary went down to Carmel for Thursday and Friday. I chilled with them Friday night. On Saturday, my Dad flew in and we all went to wine country (Sonoma).

Our family friend, Jim, used to live in Sonoma. He has since passed away, so there was much reminiscing. He was quite a genius.

The first winery we went to was Chateau St. Jean. Their new visitor center was under construction, but their old one was pretty cool. We had lots of tasty wine. I met these five very cool women from Louisville, Kentucky. They needed me to pimp some wine for them since it was limited to one per person. They gave me some of it (Cinq Cepages, the Wine Spectator Wine of the Year for 1999). My family and them hung out a bit. Then, my parents did another tasting while Aunt Mary and I walked around the grounds.

After that, we went to the Sebastiani Cask Cellars. They are known for their redwood barrels and for having lots of hand-carved woodwork. We ate a late lunch at Piatti in the Sonoma Square and then had dinner at Le Colonial in SF.

Mom and Aunt Mary in the SF Marina

Wine and Women... Things don't get much better than this...

Big Happy Family



I would love to live here!

Mary and Evan sitting on a log in a miniature Lake Michigan

The photographers of the previous picture...

My Friends from Kentucky Bearing Flowers

Huge wooden tanks of wine!

Father and Son Chilling with Bacchus

I love my Dad...