Burning Man 1999

Burning Man is an indescribable event. Indeed, "event" or "experience" cannot capture its essence. You can try to get an idea of what it's like by checking out web pages, but thousands of words and hundreds of pictures are inadequete. It must be experienced.

I urge anybody with an open mind and an open heart to take time and make the pilgrimage. Join us at next year!

Photos From The Adventure

I went to Burning Man with Janet and Ken. While there, our tribe grew to include two wonderful new friends, Jessica and Nicole. Here are pictures of our experiences. Note that I stopped taking pictures after a while because there was just too much to take in... I simply wanted to experience it!


[Most of the following make allusions to the way the map of Black Rock City (the city of Burning Man) was organized this year. Black Rock City is round, so imagine a clock. The top of the clock is 12, the bottom is 6. So, if you are at the bottom of BRC, you are at 6 o' clock. Then there are coincentric rings, whose names mirror our solar system. The Man, in the center of the playa, is the sun. Pluto is the most outer reaches. With this knowledge, you could easily navigate to places. Our address was 6:45 Uranus. That was pretty far out, so I considered us the "bridge-and-tunnel kids" who invaded the core city on the weekend.]

Give a man a fire and you warm him for a day;
Light a man on fire and you warm him for a lifetime.

Which way are we traveling, in space or time?

If we leave now, we'll be stuck in Juptier for eons.

What planet is this?

Posted on Jun.23.2000 by evan