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So this is Cannes.  It is a small town in the South of France (on the French Riviera).  That's the Mediterranean Sea there!
The beaches are topless.  One might think this is good, but none of the hotties go topless... only the droopy old ladies!  But, I believe in the in principle! 
Cannes is a lovely, relaxing town.  But, at night, there's some fun bars and clubs.  Darren and I met some really nice people there.  In particular, there were two Norwegian ladies one night and a German girl and a French girl the next.   Both evenings were quite fantastic.  I didn't hook up with the Norwegian lady (she was incredibly gorgeous... I mean among the best looking I've ever met!) which is unfortunate... I must not be so shy!   =)
Oh, I must mention something about all this women business before somebody gets the wrong idea and uses it against me someday =).  We weren't slutting around Europe (not too much at least), but rather making tons of friends.  It's just more fun when those friends are women...
Basically, we would party all night and then sleep on the beach during the day.  I also got my haircut at a local salon which was quite fun.  It was a good opportunity to practice my French and I learned a lot about different French customs.
 A highlight of the nightlife was riding on the back of the French girl's scooter along the boardwalk street (Rue Croisette)!  Although much slower than my motorcycle, it was exhilarating.  I rode without a helmet which was dumb, but it was about as dangerous as riding a bicycle without a helmet.
Oh, there is an area called Sophia Antopolis that is about 10 miles from Cannes.  It is known as the Silicon Valley of France... it sounds quite tempting for a nerd like me!
After Cannes, we all went to London!