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The final stop on my journey was in London.  It's a great city too, but quite expensive.  A beer cost about 6 US dollars!  Here are various sites including Trafalgar Square, some Museum, the St. Paul Cathedral, some bridge, the London Dungeon, Parliament (Funkadelic) and Big Ben, and the Royal Palace.  The Queen was having a garden party that day, but they wouldn't let me in!
All those sites were seen on a really fun double-decker bus tour.  We also did a bunch of shopping too.
Of course, Darren and I checked out the nightlife.  Since it was early in the week, there wasn't too much craziness.  But we chilled in a fun bar called the Noise Bar.  Here's a drink that I learned there called a Noise Pollution:
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz rum
1/2 oz tequila
Fill with Red Bull and some Sweet and Sour and some grenadine.
Top with Midori.
It is really quite splendid!  Consider it a fruity Long Island Ice Tea with Red Bull...  At the Noise Bar we chilled with a Londoner and a South African.  That was pretty chill.  Afterwards, we went to an "illegal pub".  That was sketchy, but fun!
My final night there, my family and I saw the play Chicago. It had incredible music and dancing.  That night Darren and I went to a local pub and chilled with people.  We ended up taking some Czech girls back to our room (nothing happened... we just chilled).  It's so fun to hang with people from all over the world!  This outing spawned my idea for a Papa Smurf page similar to the I Can Eat Glass Project.  Stay tuned!
On the way to the airport, I wanted to get a picture of me walking across Abbey Road like the Beatles do.  Unfortunately, my camera was out of batteries!  Foiled again by technology!  Oh well, at least I have the memory!
On the flight home, I saw the most touching movie -- "The Other Sister".  You really must see it; it's incredible!
Well, I hope you enjoyed my photo album.  If you have any questions or suggestions or whatever, email me!