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I love Paris.  I really would like to live there!  I definitely need to get better at French first, so I'm studying hard!
My first round of pictures were taken at the Rodin museum.  In that first picture, you can see Invalides (with Napolean's tomb) in the background.  On the right is my brother and I standing in front of the Gates Of Hell. I wasn't sure if we were coming, going, or just stopping for a visit...  My Dad, brother, and I also got a picture in front of the Shades.  That's fitting too!
We were fortunate enough to spend Bastille Day in Paris.  I must say that the fireworks in Boston on the Fourth of July are better, but I still had a great time.  I spent time with my family and with my two great friends (now at least) Jorge and Muriel.
Much craziness happened in Paris.  Darren (my brother) and I had great nights together.  I can't really say much about them without getting in trouble though ;).  I also had a splendid time with my parents too...