Ibiza: Party Time

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Besides being a beautiful island, Ibiza is the party destination for Western Europe. We were there in the low season... three weeks later, Ibiza will be an insany-zany place, complete with drag queens, foam parties, and lots of half-naked Euros!

At Pacha, the main club that was open at the time, I met a great woman named Jana. She was from Switzerland. She befriended us for much of the weekend.

The Fort At Night


Jana and Evan

Janet On Our Balcony

View From Our Balcony

Daniel, Janet, and Evan

Evan and Andreas

Janet Groovin'

Jana and Janet Dancing

In Front of the Windmill
After a Hard Night of Partying

Morning View

Chilling at the Bar

Evan and Andreas!

Jana, Janet, and Evan

Too Much Party...