Another Crazy Night

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After sleeping forever, I went out to Roppongi again.

I had dinner at an Italian place.

Then I went to a bar that I went to with Stephan. While there I met Saori, a really cool Japanese girl. She spoke English quite well. After here, we went to Subway (yes, that Subway) with her friend (sorry, I don't remember your name!) We chilled out for quite a while. We went to this sweet little club that played ambient techno. I loved it!

Something that's neat about clubs and bars here is that they are all really small. And all the buildings are 5-6 stories tall. Each floor is a different bar! So there's lots of variety...

At about 6am, Saori took me on a walking tour of Tokyo. We went by the Tokyo Tower and a Buddhist Temple. We prayed a little at the temple and then went to the waterfront. After a while, we bid farewell.

I had to take my accounting Final Exam (online). But, I had all the times messed up and missed it! My instructor was cool and let me make it up when I got back. I got a B in the class. I don't think I'm meant to be an accountant.

Saori and friend

Tokyo Tower!

Temple And Tower

Saori at the Waterfront

huge, man-made island