Tokyo By Night

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We checked out Akahabara. This place is insane. Imagine Fry's Electronics but spead among many city blocks! And most of it are these little one-person stalls where you can pick through and buy surface-mount parts or miniature spy cameras. (Tom would die if he saw this place!)

From there, we cruised around Roppongi (which would later turn out to be my "hood"). We ate at this crazy restaurant where they cooked everything on BBQ's in front of you. When you ordered something, there was this wierd protocol wherein the server would announce your order, all the servers in the entire restaurant would scream the same thing, then the chef would scream something, and then the servers would scream something else. According to Nick-san, here's the rough translation:

  1. Customer: "May I have a beer?"
  2. Waiter: "Thank you . The customer requests a beer!!!! Please!!!"
  3. Entire Staff:"Thank you. A beer for the customer! Please!!!"
  4. Chef: "Thank you. The customer will have a beer! Please!!!"
  5. Entire Staff: "Thank you. The customer will have his beer! Please!!!"

Then the chef would offer you the beer using this huge paddle. We had lots of wonderful BBQ'd food. Louis and I witnessed the saddest thing. They take these live shrimps (HUGE SHRIMPS), skewer them, and toss them upside-down on the grill. You can see their legs crawling and they slowly die (either from the heat or the skewer). It was the saddest thing. The worst is that I had been eating tons of seafood on this trip, which is abnormal for me. This hit it home that I wouldn't eat seafood anymore (or at least, once I got back to the United States).

Dusk in Akahabara

Cool Building!

Holy Cell Phones, Batman!

Guardian of the Karoke Bar!

You can never escape Starbucks!

Tokyo Tower

A unique dining experience...