First Glimpse of Tokyo

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Tokyo is an amazing city. As I said before, everything is different than the West. You'll see glimpses of this later.

We went to Okinawa for a meeting. I thought of Pat Morita from Karate Kid.

Trains are a popular mode of transportation. We were taking cabs too. They are ridiculously expensive. The meter drop is about $6.00! An average ride cost $50.00!

Actually, everything in Japan was expensive. Value meals at McDonalds cost about $10. Drinks at average bars cost $7. Our dinners were ridiculously expensive.

The only thing that wasn't expensive was Pokemon paraphernalia. The crew visited the Pokemon World Headquarters in Tokyo. Everybody in the store was an foreigner by stuff for their kids. It was a hilarious sight! They actually limited the number of packs sold for each person... and they were sold out of many things. I actually bought tons of stuff there. I figured that it would all make for good random gifts...

Beautiful chandelliers at our hotel.

View of the civic center from my hotel room.

Chandelliers from above

Louis making himself home on the train back from Okinawa.

River view



Wierd art in the train station. The ripples moved too!

One of these kids are not like the others...

Nirvana -- Pokemon Headquarters!

Stuart and Louis enjoying poke-bliss!

Chillin' with my poke-friends

The biggest crosswalk I had ever seen. I could even fit it all in my viewfinder!

Wierd subway art #2... a television inside a fishtank?!?