One Night In Ginza

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One night in Ginza make a hard man humble.

Actually, it's not all that. But, there's lots of bright lights...

I went to some markets and a temple. Unfortunately, I showed up to the temple at 8pm and it was closed.

Around the market, I found tacohachi, which is sorta like Octopus Fritters. They make them right there in front of you! It's quite incredible. They have these cupcake-pan grills that they pour batter into. Then they put a piece of octopus or squid in. Then they dribble some veggies and some rice-crispies on it. They top it off with more batter. They then let it set and then form it into balls with chopsticks. They give you about 8 of them and pour a spicy brown sauce on it, as well as some Bonita flakes and mayonaise. The line for this stuff was constantly 15 people deep! It reminded me of Goosebeary's! Oh, it tasted good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it!


Marketplace leading to the temple


Ginza #1

Ginza #2

Ginza #3

Bright lights #1

Bright lights #2