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Kyoto is an interesting city. It is relatively small, compared to San Francisco, New York, or Tokyo. But, it has incredible amounts of history. There are many temples and palaces here. We only were able to visit one (Kyoto Gosho).

I definitely experienced culture shock on my first evening here. I couldn't read anything. I could hardly speak with anybody, except the hotel staff. The food was utterly different (of course, I'm used to sushi, but that's not the only thing!) All the lights, streets, everything... so amazing!

Something that really suprised me is how prevalent Christmas was. I'll go into some diatribe about this later...

Louis and Stuart at the Osaka airpot. Notice all the carts and the people in uniforms!

A main drag in Kyoto

This narrow street is over 100 years old and is has a Portugeuse name!

This is some prime tofu!

The "space needle" across the street from our hotel.

A picture of our hotel (Hotel Granvia) which was a part of the shinkansen (bullet train) station.

A view inside the beautiful shinkansen station! Notice the Christmas tree!

Louis next to a "snowboarding Hello Kitty" sign.

This guy was frying tempura right in front of us.

Stuart and Louis getting ready to chomp some tempura.

The floors are infinite in the shinkansen station mall.

A girl sittying and a bunch of "uniformed" children.

Another view of the shinkansen station. It has such beautiful modern architecture!

More shinkansen station.

A shinkansen Christmas!

Louis, Stuart, and Nick posing with Santa

More Christmas Cheer