Meiji-Jingu Shrine

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So, I went to Meiji-Jingu Shrine. It is a beautiful Shinto shrine -- read about it in the guide book.

I stayed here until 11am. I hadn't slept at all and I was still jet-lagged. I definitely felt like I was tripping or something. It was a beautiful, holy place. You could definitely feel its sacred energies.

On the way back to my hotel, I stopped by this street where all the crazy clothing is sold. I probably haven't mentioned it yet. A large percentage of the women wear crazy makeup, knee-high platform shoes, short skirts (Stephan: les jupes cortes, n'est-pas? =) ), and furry coats. Oh, and all this stuff is in pastel colors! You can see some pictures of it on the previous page. Well, Stephan told me to go to the source and I did. The stuff is wacked!

So, I went to sleep at noon. I was dead tired. The worst part is that I slept until 10pm! I was such as loser! Sleeping away my vacation. Well, at least I was packing some excitement in...

Entrance to Meiji Shrine and Farewell to Stephan

Another gateway

Walking to the shrine!

Getting ready for a wedding?

The shrine

More shrine

The Gateway Again

Surrounding Forest

Where People Buy All Their Crazy Clothing (sorta like a Japanese Melrose!)