Stranger In A Strange Land

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So, now the real fun begins. I am all alone in Tokyo. I have absolutely no plans. Nor do I have any idea what to do! The only thing I have is a hotel room which Nick helped me get! It is in Otsuka. This thing is small! It fits a double bed, a counter, and that's about it! I have to stoop in the bathroom or I'll hit my head!

When I went to Roppongi with Nick-san and company, I really liked it. Supposedly it was the club area and very international. This was quite true. It was also the home to a Sushi Bar that Nick recommended. His friend George was the proprietor. I went there for dinner. I must say, that it was the best sushi I've ever had. The only disappointing thing is that they didn't have fugu (blowfish). Oh well...

After dinner, I went to check my email at an Internet terminal housed in the lobby of a karaoke bar. On My right was a beautiful woman from Quebec. On my right was a guy who was typing in French. I started talking to them both. The Quebecoise had to go, but I really hit it off with the French guy.

His name is Stephan and he is living in Tokyo with his brother. I convinced him to come out with me and we tore up Roppongi... He showed me all his favorite bars and we drank, danced, hit on chicks, and just had a blast in general. It was sweet, he spoke to me in English and I replied in French. That way we both got to practice! I really learned a lot!

After the bars, we hit McDonalds. We met two ladies there and hung out with them all evening. It was sorta strange because they hardly spoke English, I spoke no Japanese, and Stephan only spoke a little bit of Japanese. But, we still hung out and had fun!

When McDonald's closed (5am or so), we all went across the street to Quick Burger. An older Japanese woman was there. She spoke English and French quite well. I spoke to her in French and joked around a lot. I called her "Maman" which kinda like "Mom" in French. She was playing matchmaker between us (Stephan and I) and the Japanese girls. She was a hoot!

After this, we left the ladies and Stephan and I went to Meiji shrine. By now it was 9am and Stephan had to go to work. So we bid our farewells and each went on our way! Nous avons célébré beaucoup and il est mon copain maintenant!

No room to walk!

No room to pee!

Mon Copain, Stephan

Where else can you buy flowers at 4am?

Some Aussies @ Starbucks

They love McDonald's here!

Insane Fashion!

Stephan showing off his McDonalds...

Friends and Maman (eating my head)

Stephan and friend

Olympic Training Center

Entering Meiji Shrine and Farewell to Stephan