Tokyo Continued

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I haven't mentioned my sleep schedule. A wierd thing about going to Japan is that you leave Monday morning and arrive Tuesday afternoon. There is about a 14 hour time difference, so you are really hosed. I was getting tired at 8pm. I was waking up at 4am. It was really wacked! Oh, when you fly back, you leave Monday evening and arrive Monday morning!

We had our last meeting today. Louis, Stuart, and Nick-san took the limo and I walked away with two suitcases. I was truly alone now. Previously, Nick did everything for us... It was a totally exhilirating feeling to be helpless, alone, illiterate (linguistically and socially) and having no idea what to do next...

Good morning, Tokyo

Getting to the train

Resting on the train

Hacking some demos in the 11th hour

Wierd looking building

Some shrine

Everything is cute here



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