Road Show Closing Dinner -- January 23, 2000

Locale: Las Vegas

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10):
Raging Factor (1-10): 7.5 
Hours of Sleep Friday Night: 7

Time Spent Inebriated on Saturday: 11am-5am
Money lost to the Bellagio:$400

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

Well, we finally had the IMMR closing dinner. It's in Vegas. I spent most of my time drinking, running around Vegas, meeting interesting people, oh, and celebrating Immersion's success.

I didn't keep a journal. All I really want to say is that it was fun hanging out with everybody ("Good People of I-FORCE", bankers, and lawyers) without work looming over our heads! So, on to the pictures...

Lauren is ready for a break!

Vegas by air.

View from my room!

Bellagio Fountain #1

Bellagio Fountain #2

Mmmm.... beeeer....

Ashley and her family (can't remember their names) chilling at Fontana Bar @ Bellagio overlooking the Fountain!

Doug peacin' out @ Circo

Evan @ Circo

Circo is a beatiful restaurant... So fanciful!

Table #1

Table #2

Table #3

Table #4

Lauren and Evan

Vic, Lauren, Annie, and Craig

Joshua, Louis, Shirsten, and Evan

Waterfall at the RumJungle @ Mandalay Bay.

A demi-god at Club Ra @ the Luxor..

Dean and Julio enjoying the scenery.

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