Road Show -- October 22, 1999

Locale: San Francisco
Destinations: Robertson Stephens, Hambrecht and Quist

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Stress Factor (1-10): 2
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 6

And so it begins...

The last two weeks of my life have been completely undetermined. The start date of the Road Show kept changing. I had to keep my schedule completely open. I can't believe it's actually started. I won't believe it until I'm on a plane to somewhere.

Bruce, Dean, Jon, and I drove up to Robertson. They are in the Bank of America building in San Francisco's financial district. SF has so much energy. We arrived at lunchtime and there were tons of people, of all walks of life, running around doing there own thing. I'd love to move up there. But that's not in the cars right now.

So we have lots of equipment. Bruce made these cool boxes which hold the equipment quite compactly. I'll document those later. He's pretty amazing. If you ever need foam cut into cool shapes, ask him!

Some Road Show Process

So, here's a little education about the Road Show process (as I understand it at least). The first part of the Road Show involves teaching he "sales force". These are the people at the underwriters who call up their clients (institutional investors, etc.) and convince them to buy IMMR. There are two steps to the training: the teach-in and the management presentation.

In the teach-in, the head honcho (lead analyst?) gives an overview (sort of an executive summary) of the prospectus to his sales team along with his analysis of the offer. The sales people ask him questions and he tries to answer. It is unusual for road-showers to attend this meeting. We went because the nature of TouchSense is that you have to try it to understand it! So, we needed to give the sales force first-hand experience using our technology.

In the management presentation, the CEO and CFO of the company give their pitch to the sales force. This is the same presentation that is given to potential investors during the 1-on-1 meetings. We also gave demos here. These demos will also be given by Louis in the 1-on-1 meetings.



Bruce, Dean, and Jon unpacking the car.

Bruce and Evan by the elevator.

Crutchfield next to some funky art in the B of A building. He showed us the way to the elevators.

Robertson has an incredible view!

You can see things from up here that you can't see from the ground!

View from the lobby of the H&Q building.

The room where the H&Q teach-in occurred.

The crew running around SF with loads of equipment!

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