Road Show -- October 25, 1999

Locale: San Francisco, New York
Destinations:Hambrecht and Quist

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Stress Factor (1-10): 2
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 6

Getting Ready and Going

We're traveling to pick up Bruce right now and then we go to H&Q. Today is the teaching session for HQ-SF (the same thing we did Friday for Robertson).

I got my slacks tailored this weekend. As Beamer said, it looked like I had shit in my pants. Also, I lost a bunch of weight since Summer '98 when I got the suit. So they took in 2 inches on the waist. Hopefully I don't get fat again or this could get expensive.

I also bought some toys for the road. Since I am the Road Show tool, I am not present while the meetings go on. I just set up the computer and then sit in the reception area. I hear the secretaries are typically good-looking above the 48th floor. We'll see...

Oh, so I bought toys to occupy my time. I bought a Color Game Boy with Pokemon Yellow Edition (featuring Pikachu!) and Pocket Bomber Man (for Beamer). I was the envy of all the 10 year-olds at Fry's I also bought a keyboard for my Pilot. I'm using it right now. It kicks ass! I'll be working on the Army Final Report and on this diary. Writing all that with Graffiti would be a pain!

At the Meeting

The lobby of the H&Q building with cool modern art.

The entrance to H&Q.

Setting up in the H&Q conference room.

At Night In The Limo

We just flew from SFO to JFK. The flight was delayed 20 minutes. We all had crab sandwiches at the airport. The food on the plane (United) was rather decent. I sat next to Dean and Bruce. Oh, we flew coach. I played Pokemon on my new GameBoy for 2 hours and 42 minutes. So addicted! I have 7 Pokemon in my Pokedex. I did some accounting homework, but I couldn't do the Excel problem because my laptop wouldn't boot. What a piece of shit. The guy in the middle seat one row ahead of us had an iBook. I was totally jealous!

The crew is cruising from the airport to the Omni Berkshire. We're in a stretch limo, which sounds comfy, but with the 15 or so bags and equipment, it isn't all that. Morale is high; we're enjoying all of this! I wonder if they have good pornos on the hotel TV...

Mmmmm... crab sandwiches...

View of the bay from the sky.

Some tired dudes.

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