Road Show -- October 26, 1999

Locale: New York, Philadelphia

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Stress Factor (1-10): 3
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 5

Time Spent Playing Pocket Pokemon: 2:42
Number of Pokemon In Pokedex: 6


So, I slept pretty well. There were no Road Show nightmares. I actually woke up before my alarm, which is rare. Showered, did some yoga, had the high point of my day (j/k), paid the hotel bill (freakin' expensive!), got a bagel with Vic, loaded up the limo and went on the road.

Bruce working in the lobby. Vic thinking about eating a bagel with Evan.

We went from the Omni to the Helmsley Building. I asked for Leona but she was unavailable. H&Q's NYC office is much nicer than the SF office. it's all modern, with a beautiful staircase in the lobby. The view was great too, having both the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. We gave the demos to the sales force. As always they liked it.

Outside the Helmsley building.

Lobby of the Helmsley building. Bruce is getting hassled by security for carrying C4 in white cases with Immersion's logo.

Lobby of H&Q-NYC

Lobby of H&Q-NYC, cool staircase!

H&Q-NYC Conference room.

Chrysler building, as seen from H&Q.

Manhattan, as seen from H&Q.

From there, we cruised to Bear Stearns, which was the next building over, for a presentation. The building was beautiful also. Bear as much different than H&Q. Although the office had a modern look (although a bit less modern than H&Q), the conference room was all done up with mahogany. They provided box lunch for their staff and for us. I had a mozzarella and tomato sandwich which was quite tasty. I ate with William from Bear. He was a young (25?) researcher that focused on home electronics/convergence; he was really smart and really cool. We talked about lots of neato  technologies and he clued me into a few that I didn't know about (which is rare since I'm a tech-addict).

Lobby of the Bear Stearns building.

Lobby of the Bear Stearns office.

Louis, basking in mahogany splendor.

View of Times Square from the limo sunroof.

I could only wish...

Crazy video display!

JVC wanting you to "Feel it."

Evan with the Empire State Building. I'm by the lamp post. Penn Station is on my left.

The presentation went tremendously well. Louis and Vic are getting better each time. The Bear sales force packed the room and were psyched (there was more energy in the room than in the H&Q management presentation, maybe it was the food or the mahogany). Louis kicked ass in the Q&A, especially with this one business question about managing multiple licensees in a particular product space. We have a kick ass story. And the Bear people really reflected that. [I can't believe this is really happening.]

We packed up and went down to the limo. New York is filled with tons of people and energy. There was a huge line for the hoagie stand! It was like Baja Fresh on a street corner. Times Square was incredibly crowded. Louis asked me about Pokemon and what the big deal with it was. We all started talking about it. Vic is an expert because he deals with it with his kids. He's brokering a challenge between me and his 8 year old son (Vic Viegas -- the Don King of Pokemon). It was hilarious to see 5 grown men in suits riding in a limousine discussing Pokemon!

Packing up the limo. We have so many things!

Louis is way too into Pokemon!

Bruce and Dean at left us at Penn Station (next to Madison Square Garden!); they are going to New York. We're going on a train to Philadelphia.

I've written this whole thing on the train (the text, not the HTML). It's definitely Fall on the East Coast. It's not too cold, but the leaves are definitely turning.

All aboard America, all aboard Amtrak!

The leaves are turning, but the train wouldn't slow down for a good picture.

Philly Train Station

Livin' large. We're staying at the Four Seasons. Now this is a nice hotel. They have complimentary shoe shine! Big rooms; nice view of a courtyard; good location near tons of museums, etc.; nice staff; and great attention to detail! We cruised around Philly since we had an hour to kill. Me, being from LA, and Louis from New York, had to break Vic into the whole J-walking thing. But with time, he warmed up to it. He said he'll have to forget it when he gets back to his kids! We met up with Jonathon (of H&Q) and had a nice dinner at Panorama, an Italian restaurant.

Louis chilling in the Four Seasons lobby. Those are real flowers next to him!

These are the steps that Rocky ran up! We couldn't go up because of construction. Check out the red Calder at the top!

Since I couldn't play Rocky, I rode the bull!

Pretty fountain.

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