Road Show -- October 27, 1999

Locale: Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Delaware, Dallas

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Stress Factor (1-10): 2 (although Louis was pacing)
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 4

Total time Spent Playing Pocket Pokemon: 2:42
Number of Pokemon In Pokedex: 6

 Good Morning and Bad Internet Access

I didn't sleep much last night. I'm not adjusted to EST yet. I feel good though. No yoga this morning and the high point of my day will have to wait. The Four Seasons kicks ass. My complimentary shoe shine was great. And all the bathroom liquids (shampoo, etc.) were in bottles shaped line perfume bottles! I had coffee and a Danish in the lobby.

Beamer was really cool -- he gave me his Earthlink account info as well as access phone numbers for 5 of the cities I'll be staying in. Last night I tried to upload the web pages I made. The connection kept dieing. I don't know how people use the Internet with a modem. It sucks. Immersion's web page looks beautiful on my PowerBook, but it loads painfully slow over a modem.

The Four Seasons in the morning.

Philly waking up, #1

Philly waking up, #2

The First Appointment

Our first appointment is outside of Philly. There was a lot of traffic but we made it to the appointment on time. The Fall season is totally evident -- everything is red and orange. Our appointment (name witheld) is in a cool building. Actually, the appointment is in King of Prussia, PA. I was here 3 years ago for a water polo tournament (Masters) at Villanova. We passed the Motel 6 we stayed at and the Dunkin' Donuts that powered me over the tourney. That was a blast...

So, I set up for my first 1-on-1. I did it in record time, beating all of my practice times -- 2:30! I attribute it to Bruce's handiwork. The case really kick ass. I tweaked the cable arrangement for efficiency and to match how the cables must be arranged on the table. This also contributes to fast cleanup.

So, I am sitting in the lobby while Louis, Vic, and Jonathon (H&Q) do the deed. I chatted with Erin, the receptionist. Her son, Connor, won best costume at his school. He was a mummy; she made it, of course, and was quite proud (rightly so).

Rocks outside the building.

The Second and Third Appointment

So, the schedule changed and we are not in going to Baltimore. Instead we're going to hit Delaware for a while. We went to a bagel place in a small town; it was quite out of place for a limo to pull up and 4 suits to get out!

Our second appointment is in an suburban (in the East Coast sense) town in a quaint, charming building. Everybody there is friendly and a little less hard-core than the city folk. It's quite nice. But, of course, it's Delaware... isn't that the "Nice State" or something?

The third appointment is back in Philly. I sit and watch MSNBC for another hour. The receptionists are nice and funny. They appear to know a lot about the world because they watch MSNBC all day...

Fall Foilage

Strangers in a strange land.

Nice receptionists.

Don't Mess With Texas

We fly form Philly to Dallas, Texas. We are staying at the Crescent Court hotel. My brother says his colleagues stay their when they travel. It's a nice hotel with a rather upscale shopping center next to it. We check in. This cute girl in the lobby smiled at me and I smiled back. I had to go upstairs to drop my stuff off. Unfortunately, she wasn't there when I got back. Evan drops the ball again....

We eat at the hotel restaurant. It's pretty good. Michelle our waitress is on the ball and really likes what she does. She's the kind of waitress I'd like to be (but I'd be a waiter of course, unless I worked at Asia-SF).  I think the cute girl was part of this private dinner party.  After our dinner, I wandered around and found the dining room they were in.  It was a special "White Truffle Dinner", this traveling culinary adventure.  Every dish has truffles in it.  According to their literature, truffles sold for $1300/pound in 1998!  Expensive dinner, I'm sure!  Nice way to spend a Wednesday night, at least.


Only in Texas.  This is the hotel's cat hotel.  They have two cats living in here.  It's like a dollhouse!  You can ask the front desk to put you on the cat's newsletter.

Lobby of the Crescent Court hotel.

Nice bathroom.

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