Road Show -- October 29, 1999

Locale: Kansas City (MO), Overland Park? (KS), Salt Lake City, San Francisco

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10): 7  (stress factor depreciated since it was an non-existent metric)
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 4

Total time Spent Playing Pocket Pokemon: 3:18
Number of Pokemon In Pokedex: 9

Best score in Nokia Snake: 609

Morning In Missouri and Kansas

Rise and shine. I has consistently taken me 50 minutes to get ready in the morning. Most of that time is spent waking up in the hot shower. Shaving every day is a pain in the ass; I have razor burn on my neck! I will be sure to bring aftershave conditioner on the next leg.

The meetings in Kansas City seemed to go well. There were three of them. The environments here are quite laid back. It had the same friendliness as Texas, but the people did not dress up (or dress well).

Here's a funny story. Bridgette, the receptionist at the first place we visited, had crutches. She had her cast removed two days prior. She broke her leg by slipping in the lobby while carrying drinks for a road show group. The group was the Martha Stewart Organization and she broke her leg in front of Martha! I wonder if anybody got hurt during the WWF road show! (Imagine the demos...)

Another office had prepared lunch for us (it was actually box lunches that were ordered in). They served it on some very nice china. They had beautiful antique furniture -- both fine European couches and tables as well as Chinese lamps and paintings. On the coffee table were Sotheby's catalogs. I would not be suprised if some of the furniture was acquired through hem! My Dad would really have loved this place. Oh, an interesting fact about this building is that it was once the offices of the NCAA (probably more than 50 years ago!).

Little known fact about Vic Viegas: he played baseball in college and actually played professionally for a short while. He blew out his elbow and became an accountant instead!

View at the first place.  The picture looks more prettier in person.

The first office again.

My finger and a fountain in Kansas City.

Conference room at the second place.

Big limo! I gave the driver my box lunch since it was a turkey sandwich.

Kansas City is in the distance.

The Promised Land (for Mormons, at least)

Evan's theory of executive travel: As you head east from New York, the hotel rooms get cheaper and the limos get bigger.

We are in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I love this place.  I have come here the past two years to go snowboarding.  (I highly suggest Brighton to everyone!  It makes for a relatively cheap boarding vacation!).  I called David Bailey so he could feel the love.  He used to live here.

The Salt Lake meeting was probably the best (in terms of fun).  It was the only office that had Halloween decorations!  I couldn't believe it.  Everybody but the bankers were dressed up (although some bankers changed after 3pm).  There were incredible decorations.  And then these little kids came in and started trick or treating.  And all the women who worked there were very cute.  The men were pretty good looking too.  I was definitely in teh land of Donnie and Marie!

I could handle moving here... good boarding, fun-loving people, and beautiful women.  The only drawback is the 2% alcohol beer.

By the way, I am definitely addicted to the Snake game that is on my cellular phone.  It has replaced Pocket Pokemon as my favorite time killer.  My goal for the trip: to get a perfect snake game (where every cell is filled with a snake!)

Paul gets down to business while Louis tells a dirty joke.

The Vatican for Mormons (the Tabernacle?).

What a festive office!

More Halloween fun in the office.


We are finally home.  It was nice to come back to a Mercedes Benz limo!  We checked out Vic's house (under construction) and then dropped him off.  Louis and I went back to Immersion, gave the update to whoever was around, and then went our separate ways...  until Monday!

Louis and Vic at SFO.  The license plate of the limo tells the whole story!

MBZ-560SEL.  When we go, we go in style!

Louis checking out Vic's future basement.

Evan playing with heavy machinery.

Home, sweet home!

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