Road Show -- November 1, 1999

Locale: San Francisco, Orange County (due to travel problems), San Diego

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10): 1  (well rested from weekend, didn't party too hard on Halloween)
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 7

Number of people sleeping in my room last night: 4


Happy All Saints Day!

I had a whole weekend to relax. Most of it was spent catching up with everything I missed last week. I had an opportunity to spend time with various friends, so that was cool. I also went to the dentist; I had my first cavity ever! That bummed me out!

We have a 7am meeting in San Francisco. Thus, I get a hotel for the evening. Coincidentally, it was Halloween and I went out to the Castro. I let a few of my friends crash with me at the hotel. Boy, were they surprised to find out that we were staying at the Ritz! It was hilarious when we were checking in because there was this dude with blue hair and makeup (me), a hippie, The Tick, and a sheik. I left looking like a businessman.

70's guy is in awe of the room's high-speed Internet connection

The sheik and 70's guy check out their pad.

The Tick is the master of all he surveys!

Tall lady!

Many cats were prowling that night.


Evan and Pikachu!


The God of Hoola-Hoop


Some Star Wars folks.


I Love SF

We do our meetings. I enjoy walking around SF so much. Our first meeting is in North Beach. They have tons of cool Tibetan art. I speak with Noelia (sp?). She's from Los Angeles too. She's really nice. Actually, she reminds me a bit of Abby. I was bummed that her break came so late because I wanted to walk around North Beach with her. She said she usually checks out the adult shops; she was kidding, but I liked the sense of humor.

I find out why they have so much Tibetan art. The firm's founder totally digs Tibet and Nepal and is in tight with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. They actually house a non-profit which provides aid to people in Nepal and Tibet. I think I'll contribute once we go public.

Noellia asked me what I'm doing here (before I know about the Tibet connection). I say "I'm a sherpa for a road show". She say's "Really? We have real sherpas who work here!". Then she explained the whole Tibet thing. She introduces me to one. She is Tibetan, having an Asian appearance with very reddish skin. You can tell she is Buddhist because she has a very pleasant smile. She has a wonderful British accent because she went to school in India as a refugee. In a round about way, I admit my devotion to their principles.
She mentions how that is quite popular lately. I guess that's true, but I don't try to justify myself.

While Noellia is on her break, I converse with her replacement. I ask her if she had a Happy Halloween. This simple question transcends into an odd religious discussion. Basically, she doesn't celebrate Halloween because she does not worship darkness. I just listen to her stance and nod. Part of what she is saying is right, but she misses the difference between Pagans and Satanists. I don't bother talking more about it, but amuse myself internally with various thoughts. I wonder if she parties hard on St. Patrick's Day, in celebration of the 
defeat of the druids.

The next meeting is in the same building as Robertson Stevens, but on a higher floor. Higher floor = better view. We then have another meeting around the corner.

SF in the morning.

Courtyard of the Ritz.

Facade of the Ritz

Big limo!

Breathtaking view #1

Breathtaking view #2

Breathtaking view #3

Breathtaking view #4

Tibetan art.

Tibetan table.

Beamer setting up for group.

Wierd lighting at the group meeting.

Cool buildings!.

San Mateo to San Diego

Finally, we have a meeting in San Mateo. There is a ton of traffic, which sucks.  There were pretty nice views from that office building. I really like how San Mateo, Foster City, and the surrounding areas have canals. I've gone kayaking with Jason on them.  It's quite fun! There were some UFO's in the sky. After this meeting we brave traffic to go back up to SFO.

Immersion is marked as "HOT" on IPO central. That's really exciting. The sales force says that people are quite receptive.

After these meetings, we fly down to San Diego. Now this was a fiasco. We get on the plane and leave the get, but right when we're ready to take off, they cancel the flight! We pull back to the gate. After much hubbub, we end up flying to Orange County. [We at dinner at the Crab Pot again!] When we show up at Orange County, our luggage is not there. That sucks. So we deal with it and take the limo down to San Diego. This whole time, I'm planning to see my cousin who lives in San Diego. But, we get in so late (11pm) that I can't. Jonathon finds out that our bags have flown into San Diego and then Jonathon and I go to the airport to pick them up.

We are staying at the Valencia. Supposedly it is a great hotel. I'm not too impressed. The elevator is manual, which is a novelty. But, it's more of a pain in the ass at night when there's nobody manning it. You have to call the front desk to use it. So, I took the stairs. Oh, the fog is really bad. It's no wonder the flight was delayed.

As I may have mentioned before, Louis asked me to review two papers for VR2000 for him. I finished that this evening. Because of all the stuff that went on this evening, I go to sleep quite late.

Little known fact about Vic Viegas: he has never drank a cup of coffee.

View of San Mateo and a UFO.

More San Mateo and UFOs.

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