Road Show -- November 3, 1999

Locale: Minneapolis, Chicago, New York

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10): 4
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 7

It's cold here... ya, you betcha!

OK, Minneapolis is colder than I expected. I can see my breath. Another expectation that was wrong: I can't find any Nordic hotties anywhere!

I talked politics with our limo driver. He was pretty happy with who "The Body" was running things. Check out their state web site. I especially like "You can't legislate against stupidity."

To tell you the truth, I didn't make a journal entry here or in Chicago (I was too busy finishing my accounting midterm!) But I remember that Dean and Bruce had huge rooms, that it was really cold, that the meetings all went fine.

Oh, I remember a funny story. There were two different roadshow meetings at our hotel (us and some ISP). There was an investor hanging out in the lobby. He was meaning to go to the ISP group meeting, but then he saw us... he had heard of Immersion's technology (I think he had a stick!) and was psyched to see us. So he blew off the ISP!

Bruce and Dean messing around

Bruce getting ready to iron his shirt

Dean showing off the size of his bathtub

Dogboy licking from the bidet

Bruce setting up for group therapy

A statue in the hotel lobby. Can you beleive that this solid piece of marble rolls around on a fountain of water!

The Windy City

Chicago actually isn't that windy. It's my first time here. It's so beautiful flying in!

I was psyched when I found out that our group meeting was at the Sears Tower. I wanted to go there ever since I saw the Blues Brothers! My friend Greg met up with me there. That was sweet.

After Chicago, we fly to New York again!

Chicago from the sky #1

Chicago from the sky #2

Chicago from the sky #3

Single serving companions

A really bad picture of Greg and Evan

Louis next to a HUGE kinetic Calder sculpture

Looking up at the Sears Tower

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