Road Show -- November 4, 1999

Locale: New York, Boston

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10): 7
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 4

Beantown Nostalgia rating (1-10): 10


I love New York. And there's something to be said about having an 8am meeting while you're still on PST. (That's pacific standard time, not a designer drug, although the psycho-mimetic effects are probably similar.)

I hung out with John Humphrey (Rainbow) last night. Dean came with us. We went to a bar in Chelsea. Chelsea is a gay area; it has lots of great restaurants and bars (for gays and heteros). How come the gay areas are always so cool? Close-minded people don't know what they're missing... Rainbow's girlfriend is in the fashion industry, so we talked shop for a while (well, at least I pretended to know what I was talking about). She was nice. Rainbow is going to India/Nepal for Y2K. That sounded like fun. I still don't know what I'm doing. Maybe spend it with my family?

MF-NYC from the air

Times Square again. The Jockey ad is different than last week. Advertising is all about sex...

Rainbow and Evan reunited once again!

So the group meeting in the morning went quite well. But, we were given two town cars (instead of limos). For eight people an 12 bags, that just wouldn't do. So we walked to the meeting! It was just around the corner.

Even at 8am, NYC is bustling. Oh, and last night the bar was busier at 12am than it was at 10pm -- on a Wednesday night. Rainbow says that the Silicon Alley scene is huge and growing. There are Internet company events (open bar at local lounges, etc.) every night. It's really the center of the new media industries. Sure, there are a lot of .com's in SF, but the big content creation firms are out here. Silicon Valley is doing the infrastructure while Silicon Alley is putting it to good use for traditional businesses. Plus, there are the old school media companies (print and TV) here.

Beamer met up with us today. We gotta bust ass on I-QUOTE before the 11th!

Our first 1-on-1 appointment is running 20 minutes late. That screwed us for the second appointment. The guy had to cancel. the H&Q salesman was less that thrilled. But, somebody else at the firm was willing to have an impromptu meeting with us. This office has an incredible view of New York.

We met up with Bruce, Dean, and Jon for the group meeting. This was by far the biggest meeting we've had. There were more than 40 people! Oh, both the group meetings were at the New York Palace (a hotel). Everybody did a great job and there was a very positive response. Bruce Paul, et. al., were in attendance. I talked to William from Bear again -- I always get a good vibe from him.

Third meeting. This office has a great view too. I wonder how much office space here costs...

Supposedly the accounts in NYC are pretty hard core. One group wanted to skip all the demos and cut straight to the numbers. They also like to bust people's balls... I love NYC! The people are so raw. It's actually refreshing. LA people try to impress you. SF people try to be open and progressive. NYC, they don't give a shit and are true to themselves in a real gruff way. Boston is really idealistic and sophisticated.

Great view of Central Park #1

Great view of Central Park #2

Great view of Central Park #3

Central Park Panoramic Collage

<geek>This rug needs some anti-aliasing</geek>

The Suits chilling on the corner.

Big rat!

Chrysler Building at sunset

New York Sunset

Back in Beantown again!!!

We took the Delta Shuttle from LaGuardia to Logan. I'm so psyched to be in Beantown again!

On the plane, I sit next to an interesting woman named Nancy. We really clicked, establishing instant rapport with each other. We literally talked for an hour and a half straight. She told me about her kids and her life. I identified well with her kids because we both have had similar events happen recently (son had a rough breakup and daughter is in the midst of discovering herself). I definitely had the perspective to understand them and to maybe help her understand their situation. Nancy was quite enlightened about parenting and actually counsels other parents. She reminded me a lot of my mom, especially in the way that she deeply loves her children. It's funny... she had the same concerns about her son that my mom has -- "since the breakup he hasn't been dating, etc. I'm worried that he's not getting out enough., etc." I tell her that he's fine and that he just wants his independence after being so attached for somebody for so long. And that he's probably still deeply in love and working through that.

She was a devout Christian. We talked religion for quite a while. It's one of my favorite topics, but I'm definitely more of a sponge. Usually I ask questions and just listen. I want to tell her how Buddhism is similar to lots of her ideals. But, I'm typically not good at elucidating my position. But I hit some good points (graciousness vs. compassion). She recommended that I read Corinthians I; there's a good section on Love (which relates to my compassion discussion).

She had her belief system very structured. I was quite impressed. My belief system is not structured yet; I am definitely in an exploratory mode. The fundamental tenet though is to be a benevolent and compassionate person, giving of yourself in service to others, and that all is One. Nancy seemed to have a dualist view of Good and Evil. That's not all we talked about, but it was representative of our conversation: a sharing and mutual understanding o each other. I definitely left the plane with a strong sense of mutual love and respect. It's a really fantastic feeling, especially when it is quickly developed, yet fleeting, and outside any notion of physical relations. I'm sure we met in a previous life, but I doubt she would believe it. I told her my URL; maybe we'll reconnect someday.

What's this have to do with the Road Show? Nothing, but it's my diary and I'll write what I want...

Vic's luggage was not lost. There was much rejoicing.

Nacy and Evan bid eachother farewell at Logan

Vic celebrates another successful luggage arrival

At the hotel, I dropped my cell phone in a puddle. It does not work anymore. That was pretty frustrating.

I met up with Ern in Harvard Square. It was his birthday yesterday and he got engaged to Christina two weeks ago. I'm so happy for him! We went to Brew Moon and drank some beer; I had veggie quesadillas which were quite good. I love Ern. He's awesome. his stock is kicking ass too; I hope ours does that same.

I was unable to connect with Brian. he was flying in from Texas and it just didn't happen. I feel bad that I didn't call Tom, another dear friend and man that I love. He was also my mentor at MIT, although I don't think he realized it. He's the one that got me into haptics in the first place. I wanted to connect with Ern and Brian and check out Baker (where Dean and I lived, although separated in time by 5 years). I'll make it up to Tom next time out to Boston.

Ern and I meet up with Beamer and Dean in Harvard Square. We cab down to Baker. Baker was renovated. It looks pretty nice. The roof deck is pretty cool and the whole place is accessible to the handicapped. All the wood is fresh and new and there is the most beautiful weight room and a bigger snack bar). But, there are too many study rooms! And there's no more Thursday Night Kegs! MIT in general has changed.

I visited all my old rooms. The loft Ann and I built was destroyed during the renovations. The guy in the room (who I remembered being a freshmen when I was doing my Acoustics problem sets at Baker during my grad years) said that he remembered the loft. I don't think I ever took a picture of it, but it kicked serious ass. An elephant could sleep on top of it!

I also went to 406 and rapped with the girls who live there now. Their arrangement isn't much different than ours was. They thought it was hilarious. One of them was having a sex chat with her boyfriend over zephyr (kinda like Yahoo Messenger); I didn't mention my S&M Yahoo Messenger conversations with Kevin. I also hit 119.

We popped into a random room to talk to somebody about the scene. He ended up being Athletic Chairman (which Dean and I both were). I asked if he was using the Athletic Chair Bible (which I wrote). He said no, but that he had heard of it. I was bummed since I made it to help future generations...

Ern proposed to Christina on Baker roof. His description was beautiful. In another life, I might have done the same thing.

So, Dean had never been on top of Little Dome. So the four of us cruised over to building 3 and took the secret passage. I remembered it perfectly. I felt sorry for Beamer since we spent so much time reminiscing at MIT. The view from the dome kicked ass. It wasn't too cold and it was a clear night.

We took a cab to the Cactus Club. We had a bunch of drinks. Ceylan, a woman who was a freshman when I was a grad student was there. I lived in the lounge on her floor for a month while I was between Baker and my new place in Brookline; I also saw her while doing Acoustics problem sets. She actually dated Iyad, a friend who I did the problem sets with. She remembered me, but I don't think she remembered my name. But, I remember hers. She said most people don't because its so complicated; I replied that I remembered it because it was so unique (this was not a 'line' by the way, I generally remember interesting things about people... everything but their name unless that is the interesting thing!). She was there celebrating the birthday of a guy who I recognized; he used to be a lifeguard at the pool (lifeguarding during water polo practice is one of the easiest jobs in the world). We go caught up with what each of were doing and she updated me on my friends who I have not seen in a long while. She told me she was going to law school (hopefully) and that Stanford was on her list. I should have given her Jason's number; he could help advise her.

Ceylan introduced me to her friend Eileen. I definitely remembered Eileen. I think she lived in 502 or something. I didn't mention it, but I had a crush on her. But, that was taboo since I was deeply in love with somebody else (Ann) and I was a grad student while she was a freshman. I'm a pussy anyways. She's president of Alpha Phi and is thinking of doing a Ph.D. in material science. I didn't mention it (although I sorta emoted it), but most science Ph.D.'s I've met are unhappy by their second year. Well, she seems like a happy, successful woman and will pick what's right for her. Oh, we all talked about ShanShan, whom I'm excited is moving to the Bay Area.

Ernesto and I closed the bar and went our separate ways. It was great seeing him.

I don't remember what this is, but it's a cool mistake!

Posing in front of the renovated Baker House!

Ernesto and Evan reliving old times in the Baker Crack Den

The turf... with the same old pot holes.

The refinished tennis courts and the tennis dome.

New and improved Baker roofdeck!

Two athletic chairmen reunite

Real shower stalls, no more peeking around the curtain =(

Dean testing the overhauled bathrooms

The new faces in 406

Another view of 406, it's set up much the same as when I lived there

Dean is a little more thrilled to be on Little Dome than Jon is...

Jon and Evan chilling Boston-style

Looking at Boston across the Charles on Little Dome upside-down

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