Road Show -- November 5, 1999

Locale: Boston

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10): 6
Hours of Sleep Last Night: 5

Episodes of frantic depression: 3
Episodes of elated mania: 3

Bad Morning

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! What a bad morning. I wasn't given the new schedule, so I am late! I run downstairs, putting on my tie in the elevator. I felt like an ass. And, I had broken mycell phone the night bere by dropping it in a puddle. And I thought I had lost my camera at the first appointment. Deep breathing wasn't helping (I was trying too hard). And I had a headache.

But, things came together. We weren't late for the appointments. And, I found my camera. My cell phone was still broken, but I could deal with that. I felt much better after my Cafe Mocha.

One of the appointments was with the first woman to attend Harvard Business School. That was impressive. Even better, their office was around the corner from Louis Boston, one of the finest clothing stores in the world. I went in to try on some stuff. The highlight was a beautiful black cashmere sweater byJil Sander. List price: $1500! It was hard to see how good it looked on me since I was wearing my suit and tie. I bet Darren would look sweet in it!

There was an incredible sunset at the last apointment. I spent a whole twenty minutes watching it. I was in such awe of its beauty that I almost started crying!

That night we fly from Boston to London.

Evan in a downtown lobby

View of Boston #1

View of Boston #2

View of Boston #3

Some building lobby

Cool plaza

Bay View #1

Bay View #2

Group meeting #1

Group meeting #2

View from group

Another view from group; that's MIT across the river!

Curious George at FAO Schwartz!

Mmmm... Louis Boston...

Jonathon getting ready to play with some Teddy Bears

Copley Mall!

Beantown sunset #1

Beantown sunset #2; the gold dome is on the state building (?) at the end of Boston Common

Beantown sunset #3

Beantown sunset #4

Beantown sunset #5

Beantown sunset #6

Beantown sunset #7

Beantown sunset #8

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