Road Show -- November 9, 1999

Locale: New York, Denver

Consecutive Days Wearing a Suit:
Tired Factor (1-10): It hopeless
Hours of Sleep Last Night: Do you really care?

New York City, Take #3

We're getting near the end, but this is a big day. Louis and Vic are psyched, but they are definitely tired. I definitely feel it. We have been jumping around time zones like mad. I hardly have any idea of what day it is anymore. It's a very surreal experience! But, thank God it's almost over. I want to just price high and start working again!

We have a meeting in the World Trade Center. It's a pretty cool place. We go to the "Top of the World", the observation decks of the World Trade Center. What an incredible view! It's really windy at the top. Just to say I did it, I call Barret and my parents. Neither are home.

Looking up the World Trade Center

Lobby of the World Trade Center

World Trade Center View #1

World Trade Center View #2

World Trade Center View #3

World Trade Center View #4

World Trade Center View #5

World Trade Center View #6

World Trade Center View #7

World Trade Center View #8

Doug, Vic, and Evan on top of the world!

Random Diatribe and Random New York Pics

Vic asked me if I felt how unreal everything was. I asked him to explain and it matched what was in my head: All the beautiful offices, amazing cities, limos, nice hotels, fine food, beer, wine, Jack-and-Cokes, elevator conversations, picking up women on airplanes, talking to children in airports, investors who manage billions of dollars, carrying equipment down random streets, spanning multiple time zones every day, sleepless nights, airplane food, handshakes, talking business and finance, softcore pornos, fleeting friendships, bellmen and concierges, local accents, journal entries, free magazines,calculating net worth, headaches, bellyaches, nosepicking,TouchSense. Everything that occurs day in and day out everywhere we go. You can't remember when it started and you can hardly see where it will end.

My mind is defintely twisted a bit. I could only imagine how Louis and Vic feel since they are the ones doing the real work. I bet they recite their speeches in their dreams. There is only one thing that ties all this together for me. One beacon that never fails me and always grounds me to my normal life. Pathetic as it sounds, that thing is Starbucks. Every city I visit has tons of them. Igo twice or three times a day. The quality is consistent -- just like home. I know if I want to return to my nomal life, for even a moment, I can go to Starbucks.

God, what's wrong with me? I actually like the surreal life. When can i write on a PalmPilot of the 28th floor of a building at 54th St. and 3rd Ave. Or see a real football game with some Brits. Or run around San Francisco during business hours. The end is near and I'll miss it. But my sanity will return. And the mundane will set in. Unless I remember. All the things I've learned and experienced. I've got something to say -- its better to burn out than to fade away!

Some church...


An office... that's the Statue of Liberty in the background!

A big, funky-colored dollar bill

Battery Park

The United Nations

Some famous church (St Paul's?)

A Zamboni at Rockefeller Center

I forget

Louis chatting it up near Grand Central Station

Heading To Denver

We're on our way to Denver. I manifested all these interesting people around me. The fellow in front of me is the grandson of the man who Shout Park in Los Altos is named after. I was playing Pokemnon while we were talking and I named a pokemon (Mankey) after him (Tom). He asked what a Pokemon was and I told him to ask the gentleman in front of him (Vic). I swear, every person around us started getting interested and talked about Pokemon! None of them were kids...

There's a really cool woman next to me. She is a Swede going to school in Denver. She studies hotel/restaurant management. She is quite interesting, mature, intelligent, and beautiful. And she skis! In fact, her parents run small ski resort in Sälem! Wow! Oh, and she was an au pere. Many of them have been popping into my life in the last few months! I'm going to ask her if she wants to show me around Denver. I have yet to get a local to show me their town yet (with a minor exception of Kansas City, but we didn't really see anything). She seems like she would be an entertaining tour guide!

I'm watching Thomas Crown Affair as I write this. It's a great movie!

So, her name is Christen. She has a boyfriend. Oh well. I still like talking to her. Usually when I find out that somebody has a significant other, I ask questions about them. It's a standard conversational tactic to latch on to things that are important to people and loved ones always fit the bill. Although I may be wrong, but I also think that it relieves anxieties either party may have; it shows that you don' want to get in their pants (unless you pull the Hungarian's Gambit from Eyes Wide Shut). I met John (the boyfriend) at the airport. I felt that he was less than thrilled to see me. That's too bad since I'm a genuine person without a trace of adultery in my heart or bone [sic]. But, it's probably a good trait to be jealous. I would probably still be with Ann if I was more jealous. Either way, I hope it didn't create too much tension between them.

The facade of the Denver airport is cool. It reminds me of Shoreline Amphitheater.

We go to the Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner. Mmmm.... beer.... mmmm... nachos!

We are staying at the Monaco. Finally a hip hotel! As Christen (a hotel/restaurant management major) said, it is a boutique hotel. The service was exquisite (on par with the Ritz) and the rooms were massive. They were beautifuly decorated as well. The bathtub had jacuzzi jets (I had no time to enjoy them) and they even gave me a little orange rubber fish to bathe with!

Evan rocking out to Pokemon

Evan with Christen and her beau

The Denver Airport is sorta like a big tent!

Cool sculpture at the airport

My little fishy!

Sitting room of my sweet room

Anteroom of my sweet room

Funky bed of my sweet room

Bitchin' lobby!

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