Road Show -- November 11, 1999

Pricing and Aftermath

So, we didn't actually go out on Thursday for various reasons. But, we did go out on Friday! Obviously, there was much celebration that day and all weekend!

Oh, I finished the Herculean Tasks during the course of the roadshow:

  1. Verify the existence of a shot tower. I did this with the help of David Bailey and a security guard and the Internet.
  2. Identify the name of the pedastels that police officers would stand on to direct traffic in the era prior to the advent of traffic lights. After calling a bunch of Kansas historical offices, I tried calling automotive museums, I found one that knew! It is a British word -- "police spands". How about that!
  3. Review the two papers Louis owed to VR2000. Completed in San Diego and Utah.
  4. List the final standings for the Overall Girl competition in the 1999 Skip World Championship. I went to the USA Jump Rope Federation web page, got their phone number and called them. The US actually one most of the age groups, although Sweden had a rather strong showing.

Despite finishing the Herculean Tasks, I did actually attend the pricing because it happened after the road show. It didn't matter too much anyways. I had fun doing the tasks! And, I learned an incredible amount over the course of the trip!

So, we priced at something like $12, which was above the range ($9-$11)! We went out at $14. You can check it all yourself here...

I hope you have enjoyed my travelogue. Even if nobody reads this, I don't care... it's more of a fun thing to do for myself anyway. But, please email me if you have comments!

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